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Megan Gale

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Diversity and Universality

Beauty is transient, it is expressed in various ways. It is not just an aesthetic but instead reflects a deep and strong sincere personality.

The L'Oréal Paris spokespeople have their own passions, style, and personality but they all have in common a real charisma. Their very own way of sharing a particular vision of beauty as a means of personal accomplishment, a source of freedom and a way of self-expression.

I'm worth it" Celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Our vision, is the idea that beauty is accessible to all, a real way to affirm and accept ourselves as we are, to allow us the opportunity to really be ourselves.

A subtle blend of sensuality, glamour and authenticity is embodied by our spokesmodels who captivate and inspire women of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities. In 2011, the legendary L’Oréal Paris brand celebrated the 40th anniversary of its famous slogan “Because I’m worth it”.

L'Oréal Paris spokespersons