Elvive Arginine Resist x3 Shampoo

Product benefits

L'Oréal Paris introduces its first anti-hair fall range, ELVIVE Arginine ResistX3. Enriched with essential amino acid, Arginine, which is essential for the growth of hair, the formula acts in 3 ways to reduce hair fall:
1. Nourishes the bulb
2. Strengthens the fibre
3. Hair grows more resistant
. ELVIVE Arginine ResistX3 Shampoo cleanses the scalp and nourishes the root, leaving hair stronger and more resistant to hair fall.

*Hair fall due to breakage. Instrumental test.


Arginine is an amino acid essential for the growth of the hair. With age, levels of Arginine decrease resulting in hair weakening and thinning. ELVIVE Arginine Resistx3 is enriched with Arginine to attack hair fall.

Proven Results
Hair Fall reduced by 64%
95% of women saw a difference

Elvive Arginine Resist x3 Shampoo

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