Colorista Spray - Hot Pink -

Colorista Spray - Hot Pink Colorista

Colour Your Way

Give your hair a touch of instant, vibrant colour with L'Oréal Paris® Colorista Spray Hot Pink.

A 1-day temporary colour, that washes out after shampooing.


Our Colorista Sprays have been specifically designed for instant, one day hair colour that can be applied with ease all over your hair. The aerosol provides a vibrant colour pay off with zero commitment. Perfect for any occasion!


  • Do hold the can about 15cm from your hair when spraying. Hint: That is about the height of the Colorista can!
  • Do apply Colorista spray on the hair tips and strands. For the best hair feeling, don’t spray your whole head. If you want all over colour, go for Colorista washout.
  • Do keep in mind, your hair will feel a bit different after spraying. Just like mascara on your lashes, the spray on formula feels different on hair. However, it will be gone in one shampoo!
  • Do use Colorista sprays on all hair types and colours. The pigmented colour formula is also designed to work on dark hair!
  • Do lock in colour. Spray with hairspray after application.
  • Do wash your hair at night after using Colorista spray. Before going to sleep, wash out the colour to prevent any rub off on your pillowcase.
  • Do give the hot pink spray an extra shampoo. If you have blonde porous hair, be aware it may take 5-6 shampoos to fully come out.


  • Don’t run out! Like with any hair colour, you may need 2 cans if you have extra-long or thick hair.
  • Don’t do too many layers of colour – it can make your hair feel a bit heavier and dryer.
  • Don’t apply Colorista Spray on your entire head – it may feel a bit dry and crunchy.
  • Don’t go in the rain with your Colorista Spray! The same way eyeshadow comes off in the rain, so too does Colorista Sprays. Don’t forget your umbrella!
  • If you need any help or advise, don’t hesitate to contact the L’Oreal Consumer Advice line on 0800 655 444.



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