Your Perfect Age Jenny

Your Perfect Age


Who says you have to stop doing things you love or trying new things when you age? At L'Oréal we believe you should never stop what you love, no matter your age. Meet Jenny, 66. Jenny was always active when she was younger until school lunches and play dates took precedence. To share her son's passion, she tried rock climbing and she's loving it. Now she’s rock climbing and feels as active as ever, because her perfect age is now! Discover Age Perfect Golden Age from L’Oréal Paris®. Specifically formulated for very mature skin, losing its youthful density and natural colour. Age Perfect Golden Age range is enriched with Peony Polyphenols, the formula stimulates the epidermis to restore skin’s rosy colour and radiance, the Perfect range for your perfect age! STEP 1: SERUM with the Age Perfect Golden Age Radiance Re-Activating Serum combines the fortifying properties of Calcium with the beautifying power of Rosy Micro-Pearls to gradually re-plump the skin. Skin is perfectly hydrated and more supple, revealing a subtle pink glow. STEP 2: DAY with Age Perfect Golden Age Rosy Re-Densifying Cream Combining an exclusive complex of Peony Flower extracts and Neo-Calcium, skin instantly feels intensely hydrated and rosy skin tone is restored. Day after day, skin feels denser and firmer, facial contours look more defined and skin tone looks fresh with a healthy, rosy glow. STEP 3: NIGHT with the Age Perfect Golden Age Rich Re-Densifying Night CreamFortified with Neo-Calcium and emollient oils to encourage the reparation of the skin’s barrier whilst you sleep. In the morning, skin is perfectly hydrated and night after night, skin gradually regains density. Your Golden Age is now, and you're worth it!

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